Interview with David Finch


Interview with David Finch

justice-league-of-america-david-finch-portada-2Zona Negativa: How did you ended up drawing Justice League of America? How did they offered this series? What was your reaction to it?

David Finch: I had been eager to work with Geoff johns for quite a while and I knew it was something that I wanted to do when I got to DC. Once I got the batman itch out of my system I jumped at the chance to do a book with him. Truth be told, it could have been absolutely any project he had in mind, but I’m feeling very lucky that I for the chance to work on these characters. Geoff is at his best with this book and I’m enjoying the ride.

Zona Negativa: In Justice League of America you have the opportunity of drawing lots of heroes and villains and, therefore, lots of costumes and personalities. From an artistic point of view, which ones are your favorites? With who are you having most fun? If you had the opportunity to redesign some character, who will it be?

justice-league-of-america-david-finch-pagina-1David Finch: Martian Manhunter, Steve Trevor and Stargirl are my favourites. I’m pretty lucky right now because all of DC’s costumes were redesigned for the new 52 and I love all of

Zona Negativa: In the first issue of Justice League of America you have drawed a very majestic Martian Manhunter and Hawkman. We are curious about your vision of these two characters?

David Finch: Hawkman is a very aggressive character, so he ends up being a real release for me to draw. Martian Manhunter, I really wanted to make him seem as alien and remote as possible so I made him much taller and his eyes smaller to achieve that. I also always shoot him from a very low angle and try to keep his face shadowed and mysterious. He never shows expression in his face, but Geoff does such a good job writing his dialogue that I end up seeing expressions on his face even though I haven’t drawn them.

justice-league-of-america-david-finch-pagina-2Zona Negativa: At Zona Negativa we thought that JLA #1 was going to be a little more bright, but all the outdoor scenarios happen at night. Is the darkness and shadow something you and Johns want to explore as opposed to the focus of the other series, Justice League?

David Finch: I enjoy drawing in a heavy contrast, dark environment and Geoff is a very smart writer and has really tailored the story to suit my style.

Zona Negativa: Since the New52 started, your pace and your constancy have been enviable month by month. Now, in Justice League there are much more characters. Will this take you more time to draw? Do you prefer group-series or individual character-series?

David Finch: I really do prefer group series. But it has been a real challenge, especially since I am also inking myself.

Zona Negativa: Before drawing this series, you have been drawing Batman for a long time. How do you value that run? How was the experience as a writer and as an artist? What characters did you like drawing to most?

David Finch: I learned a lot about the craft of writing and developed an extraordinary respect for the writers who do it well. I feel really grateful that I was able to end my run on Batman with Greg Hurwitz. He gave me a book that I am very proud of.

Some David Finch's covers for Batman: The Dark Knight

Zona Negativa: You created two nice characters as White Rabbit and Lieutenant Forbes which were important in your initial run. What were your plans for the characters short-term and long-term?

David Finch: Forbes was only ever intended to be a story device and I feel like he read that way. If I could do it over again I would definitely spend more time fleshing him out as a character. The White Rabbit is a character that I would like to do something with again; and I will.

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22 marzo, 2013 14:42

Personalmente, Mr. Finch, no me parece un autor de referencia. No se le podrá negar su impronta llamativa de estilo superrealista, deudor del Jim Lee de los 90’s y su escuela. Muy efectista. Pero ello no le da excesivo credito.

Pequeña recomendación: ZN llegará a mas gente si pudierais ofrecer la version traducida. No todos manejamos ingles.

22 marzo, 2013 14:45

Vale. Me desdigo de lo dicho sobre la entrevista en ingles.
Disculpadme, me conecto por Android movil y no tenia actualizado ZN. Acabo de visualizar ka version castellana de la entrevista.
Ya me extrañaba. Ay yayay!!!.